May 2017


Posted on May 2, 2017

It was great to have this as our last stop to relax after our tough 3 months šŸ˜‰Ā 

So wonderful to meet up with Mum and Dad - the kids were so excited and it felt like it had been a lot longer since we'd seen them at the beginning of our trip.

A gorgeous walk in Kensington gardens, such a perfect city in this weather. I'd never seen it so busy though - crazy!

So great to visit old haunts - Belgo's is still brilliant, although it's slightly different with 2 tired children - not quite the relaxing evening I remembered!


Hamley's! This was our promise to the kids through every cathedral and monument in South America and it didn't disappoint - such an event, they loved it!

They managed to find Star Wars in Debenhams too - heaven!


The entrance to our gorgeous mews - I could live in London if we could afford that!!

Amazing that Mick was able to join us for the first evening - we had such a wonderful time. Thankyou Mick! And thanks Mum for the great food despite your setbacks!

Xavi enjoyed his first British curry!


A quick visit to Leicester Square - so strange to think we lived in London for a few years (Robb for longer) - I feel like I didn't appreciate it enough - such a great city.


Kids loved the Science and Natural History museums, as did we - so so well done and Natural History is in such a beautiful building as well and better for the younger kids - amazing. We'd love to visit the Science Museum when they're older.Ā 

Xavi was so happy to see Cain again, it was just like old times! Great to see Alex again too, can't believe we didn't manage to get a photo - miss you!

Thanks to Phil for coming down to meet us - brilliant catch-up and great to meet his lovely lovely wife, Ellie šŸ™‚

Randomly caught the opening of the Oliviers - what a highlight! Dad and I were starstruck seeing a few famous people including Gary Barlow!

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