Sao Paolo

Visiting the Brazil Family

We have had the best time here with Robb's family - I've now met all of Michel's brothers and sisters and many more! What gorgeous people - we love you, Arnulphys!!

Visiting the Pinheiros club, right opposite Julia's apartment - it's huge, almost like a city, with a fantastic playground and a great buffet where you weigh your plate to pay (apparently quite common here, but novel for us!)

Sipping coconuts in the park!

Enjoying the local wildlife - outside and behind glass - one snake was described as 'deadly but charming'!!

Stephanie's pride and joy, a 1966 VW - beautiful!


How cute are these 3! The youngest of Robb's cousin's children - Lorena, who is 7

A lovely walk in the atlantic rainforest, where monkeys threw sweets down from the trees 😉 Xavi made his own costume!

Second cousin, Stephanie, who visited us in Hong Kong around 7 years ago - Xavi loved learning how to skateboard with her

Throwing stones to make different sounds - great fun

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  1. We are all enjoying your photos and descriptions tremendously.
    Thank you so much Hollie for doing this incredible documenting of your amazing travels!
    Wonderful for my sons to see their second cousins exploring and visiting our relatives in Brazil.
    Much love and so happy for you all! Xo-Yvonne

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