Hotel and around

Loi Suites was a brilliant hotel - set in the jungle with rope bridges and a great pool - not the luxury you get in Asia, but you adapt!



Just a short walk down the hill from the hotel is the river Parana with Brazil on the other side.

Guira Oga animal sanctuary

This place gave a really interesting 1 1/2 hour tour around their grounds (English at 9.30 and 1 only). Lots of sad stories, as animals were saved from trafficking or pets that could no longer be controlled etc., but it was really well done and Xavi learned a lot.

Many of the birds were seized at the airport - they stuff them into flasks to transport them - around 5 in 20 survive - so sad.


This gorgeous bird had hit his wing on a power line and couldn't fly properly, so couldn't survive in the wild. If they put him in an aviary he would hurt himself more, so they give him 30 mins exercise a day.

Body builder anteaters - so cute!

The meeting of 3 countries - we're in Argentina, Brazil on right, Paraguay on left.


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