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Painting in the park



Just opposite our flat in the Central area of Lastarria was a huge playground and park – Parque Forestal. On the weekends they set up activities for the kids and there are musicians and clown shows. It has a real family atmosphere with everyone enjoying the sun – a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Museums in the Quinta Normal park

Science and Technology

Models of all the planets to scale and really helpful staff – none of us knew that the earth could fit inside the sun so many times!

There were a few pools in the park too where kids were splashing about – so cool – literally (hehe).

Fantastic free Natural History museum


When all else fails – Burger King!!

I didn’t particularly like the octopus balls in Japan, but the others all agreed these weren't as good! Sushi is interesting here – lots of nice citrusy flavours, but they focus more on the sauce than the fish and they use a lot of cream cheese.


Planetarium in Spanish - just about managed to keep Xavi interested between Robb's knowledge and my translations. Amber not so easy!

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