Andean Explorer

This 10 1/2 hour train journey from Cuzco to Puno was absolutely brilliant - with just 30 people onboard you could wander up and down freely to sit in the bar area or on the balcony part of the train at the back. The kids really enjoyed it too - they played with their no-mess glitter books, ate, drank, ran around and played games on the phone. It went really quickly!

Making friends

We did our Machu Picchu tour with the lovely Annie and Malcolm from Hampshire. It was great to meet them again in the waiting room for our train.


Xavi showed Annie all our Monterey Bay pix (lucky thing!) and Amber spent a lot of the train journey playing with her, trying on her jewellery, scarf and shoes - thankyou Annie!




Robb enjoyed posing too!

Great food

The entertainment

Music, dancing and a pisco sour lesson!


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