Ollantaytambo to Cuzco

We had a super friendly and helpful driver who was so knowledgeable about the area – only spoke Spanish, so I was translator for the journey!

The Sacred Valley

Apparently the weather is always lovely

Ollantaytambo – a pretty little town and another place to stay over to catch the train to Machu Picchu


For any adventurers out there, these are 3 pods you can stay in up a mountain – climb up and zipwire down!


We weren’t too comfortable with this stop – the llamas and alpacas seemed a bit scared and people standing all day in the sun just to please tourists was a bit sad, but they were so lovely with the children and Xavi loved the animals again!

This stop to see how they make the natural dyes was surprisingly interesting. It’s amazing the colours that can come out of plants and we saw real cochineals for the first time – Xavi loved crushing them up on his hand and adding lemon juice to change it from red to orange.

Poor little guinea pigs waiting to become dinner! Xavi didn’t seem to mind, he still wants one as a pet.




Typical Allman though, he did find a gorgeous little kitten and stopped off for a cuddle - so gentle and docile, it would have been a keeper had we been at home!

The outskirts of Cuzco

As soon as you go outside of the cities it's all a bit of a mess!

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