Hacienda Chan Chan

The perfect antidote to busy, polluted Cuenca, this working dairy farm is a great place to unwind for a few days. The American family who run the farm are so welcoming and their 5 children ranging from 1-12 years old are absolutely lovely and so great playing with ours.

Our House

The Animals

A very pregnant pig

Due to give birth any minute, but it seems we will miss it!

Hope the Calf

Now 2 weeks old, but called Hope, as they didn't think she'd make it - fingers crossed.

Ben the horse

The owner, Luke, also took us down for the cow milking where we watched the 29 cows come up the valley into the milking station. It was really interesting learning about dairy farming including the differences between this small Ecuadorian farm and intensive farming in the US - for example there Luke had around 170 cows, which meant the process had to be much more industrialized. We learnt about using iodine to disinfect the cows teats and Xavi even had a go at hand-milking Bonnie, a beautiful Jersey cow! Forgot to put the memory card back in the camera, so no pix!

A delicious breakfast

Freshly-made bread and butter, yoghurt, granola, fruit and great coffee!

A walk by the river


So peaceful and beautiful.

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    Haha – bet Rob wants to run off and start a farm now šŸ˜‰

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