Wow! Quito is such a beautiful place, incredible buildings everywhere you look and views all over since it's so hilly. The Basilica was one of our favourite places - you could explore most parts and even climb on 2 metal staircases to go out over the roof. There was an indoor climb for the kids too inside the bell tower.

Just down the road from our flat

The sun came out on our second day in Quito, so we headed to Parque la Carolina thinking we'd spend a few hours there, but it was huge! We were there all day and didn't get to see it all. It's a popular place for local families on Sunday and it had such a lovely atmosphere and so much to do - bouncy castles, pony rides, face painting and a farmer's market.


We enjoyed the small but pleasant botanical gardens, but the vivarium was a bit disappointing - Xavi got to touch a Boa though, which made his day!


Back into town for the third day with a stunning walk to the Iglesia San Francisco - no photos inside, but it was beautiful - definitely worth a look, you can just google images.

Xavi and Amber had a brilliant time feeding pigeons outside too!

El Panecillo

We met a very friendly retired Grandad who takes tourists around when he fancies. It was wonderful going up to the top of the hill we could see from our house with him, he was so knowledgeable about the history of the area believed to be an old Inca site for sun worship and surrounded by 4 volcanoes, one of which was smoking.

We headed back down for lunch - lots of places do set menus all at USD2 or 2.50 - you get a huge bowl of fresh broth, then a small piece of meat or fish with rice and salad and a glass of juice - both places we tried were delicious.

A quick panama hat purchase before a rest and dinner!

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